It has been a minute.

To say a minute would be a slight lie, in that it has been about two years, since my very small group of followers have heard from me. I am trying to continue to hurdle every void that comes my way. But I alas was sucked in. But that did not stop me from continuing my art. My crafts have been done with infants and I have painted pieces for older children as well. I have been back at school (online) to continue my education to further work with children. I have very recently gotten a newer laptop. So far so great! I will setting up an etsy account soon. to try and reach out to others around the world. My beautiful baby in the profile picture is turning 3 and starting school. Cue tears! I have moved into town into a house, and am going on my first vacation ever soon! I have also thought of adding hair bows and such as to my paint by baby line. These are all things I have come to learn, as a parent that I have grown to become a semi-pro at.