A step into a young women’s minds

I am sure like other young women, You struggle with comparing yourself to other women you see in person in passing, or a pictures, maybe even one of the female friends you have facebook. It is hard to remind yourself that you have your own talents, weather it be with Art, or teaching, maybe you like helping others. We as woman seem to be quick to compare not always judge, more of a wish. It isn’t really what is seen but what is in your heart. What you believe. Being said, whatever your skill, you should always embrace it. No, This doesn’t have to do with my project directly, but, indirectly, it is insight on who I am. I struggled with my weight, Had whom I thought I would marry cheat. Got pregnant by someone whom I was warned wanted nothing but the worst for me. I am a single parent, my little girl has no ties to her “father” and by the looks of it will never know whom he is. And I  am not bit ashamed  of the fact that I have this wonderful baby to myself. I will never understand how a man can knowing have a baby out in this world and not try to see it. I Can’t help but see that woman need to embrace what they have been given as a talent.

Be true to you.