Quiet people have the loudest minds

Stephen King had a way with words, a means of reaching the minds of people through writing. I myself am a quiet person but you get me talking about something I have passion in and you may be sorry. I am in between promoting this idea more and waiting a little longer until I get supplies. With anything we set our minds to life gets in the way and boy have I had my fair share. Whether it be something with my personal life, or my car, I haven’t caught a break. Although my car does seem to be getting better and not worse is always a sign of relief. When you are a single parent working three jobs just to pay your car and have food for your little angel; you may forget to write to the very few people that take te time to read this; but you find time to juggle it all. Being said the things we have passion for we make an effort to make it known that it has crossed your mind. In due time this will be getting somewhere and hopefully next month I will know more certain where and how I will be doing this. Until then, we shall wait.

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