That silver lining

Today in my small town we have a Mom Center, where I went to take a class on babies milestones. Just to make sure my own child is hitting hers. While there I pitched them my idea for this wonderful little business, And wouldn’t you know they loved the idea! The owner is going to talk to her board to see if I can use her center on Saturday’s. While there a woman was in the room with us. To my surprise she is an art teacher! for adults, but was saying that she too has space and open space at that. Another room I could use on another day! This week hasn’t been all that great flat tire Monday and yesterday car wouldn’t start, well this morning before the class I had cut my hair(something I don’t do) So maybe going out on a limb and just making good changes having a good outlook on things sometimes makes it a wonderful outlook! I an hopeful I have found that silver lining! I am so glad that this will happen sooner than later!

A pinterest parent

We all talk about that one mother who goes a little overboard when the bake sale comes around or the mother that becomes a sciencist when the science fair comes around. Well, with pinterest I am proud to say that my six month old has gone to daycare with all the art projects done while the other kids haven’t done there own. I have so many things that I plan on doing with Myah, as well as any children who would love to explore the world of art, sensory. Building fine motor skills is important and very simple. But in the on going life style of any parent it may seem so hard to sit down and let your child play with the rainbow spaghetti while you go over what each color is, or even “painting” with cool whip. Going over a letter a day making a flipbook of animals with their hands or feet (or both). I can say that to share those things with the parents I soon to be helping would be a reward. I know that it is always a pleasure to have something to hold to when they grow to have them look back at.