Today the sun came!

Well, today is the start. The official “.com” has come. Being said, there is a open door to new adventures always. We must never be afraid to enter it, as I start this journey on hopes of becoming a small infant art class. I set fourth on this ¬†upcoming venture and hope again to see the sun!

No matter what it is perfect.

Today while talking about what all is needed in getting this started…. I had said that every child would be getting one canvas. One each. Because no matter what your infants art work is one of a kind. Something you can never duplicate nor replace. Now I fully understand the need to try and make things perfect., but we are talking about something that was made with love and laughs; possible tears. But wonderful stories are bound to come from it.

Paint by Baby

Paint by ¬†Baby, Is a play on words. But also a reach out to those parents of infants who have trouble or know nothing of doing art with your little one. It has been brought to my attention that I have a talent for both caring for children and art so why not put then together! I have been an infant for in my own classroom( where I was the youngest teacher at the center) to go onto being a sub for ages between 6 weeks-5 years of age.It is an idea I’d like to see one day become a big part of my little community.